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August 11, 2021

All Aboard: Coming at you from the Lake! FC Dallas phenom striker Ricardo Pepi joins the show. The 18 year old discusses hisxican roots, being selected by Bob Bradley as a 2021 MLS All-Star coach's pick, and his future in MLS. Plus: we hear from the FC Dallas social media coordinator that took the Pepi hype train to another level with some new ink. Does The Call Up & Donda have more in common than you realize? Tune in!

#TheCallUp #RicardoPepi #FCDallas

0:00 Intro
3:15 Welcome Ricardo Pepi!
3:47 Pepi’s recent success
4:47 Bob Bradley’s pick for 2021 MLS All-Star Game
5:34 Who Pepi wants to meet at All-Star
6:16 The Story Behind Pepi’s Record Breaking Hat Trick
7:35 Pepi’s Soccer Story
8:30 Pepi’sxican roots and facing Liga MX
10:10 Staying focused through the rumors
11:47 Don’t Sleep on FC Dallas
14:14 Ricardo Pepi on Luchi Gonzalez
15:50 Welcome FC Dallas Socialdia Admin: Eddie Koton!!
16:27 The Genesis of the Hype Train Tattoo
17:52 Ricardo’s reaction to the tattoo idea
18:39 More Dallas tattoos?
21:42 HFT: MLS tattoos
26:03 HFT: Quality Time
26:50 What’s on Tap?

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